Which areas is the Foundation interested in funding?

The Foundation is interested in funding: the humanities, art and cultural programs, education, the environment, employment, housing and shelter, youth development services, human services, community development, neighborhood development, philanthropy and voluntarism.

Which types of support are provided by the Foundation?

Grant support is provided for: program or project development, publication needs, seed money, curriculum development, technical assistance, and consulting services.

Are there any limitations in the Foundation’s program support?

Grant giving is limited to the central city area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. No grants are considered for individuals, for building or endowment funds, for operating budgets, or for scholarship funds.

Does the Foundation make grants to individuals?

No, the Foundation does not give grants to individuals. Grants are given to community organizations, institutions, neighborhood associations, and grass root groups with a nonprofit status.

Does the Foundation give scholarships?

No, the Foundation does not sponsor scholarships.

Does the Foundation have any publications?

The Foundation publishes: Annual Report, multi-year report, Form 990-PF, Financial Report, grants lists, and informational brochure (including application guidelines).

How do I apply for a grant?

The first step is to contact Linda Patterson, our Executive Director, at the telephone number 1-616-454-4502, to discuss your request. Once it is agreed that your request for a grant can be considered, you need to prepare a proposal.For more information see the section “Proposal Process”.

May I apply for a grant via email?

The Foundation prefers to receive proposals after the request has been discussed with our Executive Director, Linda Patterson, and a decision is made that your request can be considered. You may use an email to request an initial appointment, or call at the telephone number 1-616-454-4502.

What are the deadlines for proposals?

There are not deadlines or grantmaking cycles in the Foundation. You may apply at any time. Proposals are reviewed as they are received. Grant decisions are announced the day following deliberation by the Contribution Committee.

Our organization is not a 501(c)3. Can we use another organization’s 501(c)3 or a fiscal agent to submit a proposal?

No, the Foundation only consider grants for organizations with a nonprofit status.

Where can I learn more about other foundations?

See “Helpful Web Sites” in our “Tool for Grant Seekers” section.

When is the deadline for the Annual Poetry Contest sponsored by the Foundation?

On March 1 of every year.