48th Annual Kent County Dyer-Ives Poetry Competition Results

Elementary Division

Title Poet
“Adventures at the Cottage” Ellory Clason
“Phases of the Moon” Gray Butler
“When the Sky Goes Black” Paul Wisneski
“Learning to Shine” Rachel Williamson
“April” Nurit Gonzalez

Student Divsion

Title Poet
“Trains Are Sad and Cheese Graters Are Mean” Camille Wood
“Three too Many” Annie Livingston
“How to Raise an Anchor” Patricia Schlutt
“seven continents in the world, seven freckles on your back” Samantha Wilson
“Purple” Elizabeth LaFave
“How to Become a Painter” Olivia Hoppa

Adult Division

Title Poet
“Clarion Bell” Todd Mercer
“Estate Sale” C. A. Van Til
“When I Got Drunk with My Mother” Shelley Townsend-Hudson
“Origin” Kristin Brace
“Alchemy” Jane L. Wheeler


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